How to Match & Index with Excel & LibreOffice Calc

Match and index is a super useful tool that has personally saved me hours of manual copy and pasting of information.

Instead there is a better way. All you need is two sets of data, and a point where they match.

In my experience, I’ve used this to match two price lists based on SKU and easily copy over UPC codes, weight, our cost and other useful information you may want to upload to your wordpress database or whatever.

Here is a brief example of how to do this- it works on Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Calc.

Essentially, we are going to use the MATCH and INDEX functions common on most spreadsheet programs to copy over some data (like price) based on a match in the same row (like SKU).

INDEX(the column you want to copy, MATCH(the cell you want to match, the column of data you are matching against))

Keep in mind

Match sure all data is formatted the same way; strings will not match numbers.

Make sure you make the row absolute (A$5).